To be the most comprehensive and proficient provider of security services in South Africa constantly adapting and incorporating the latest systems and technology in the security industry to give us better results.

“To provide tailor-made security services that meet our client’s requirements and maintain highest level of service”

Event Security:Do you require specilalised service for your co-operate events,rugby match,Cricket match,Concert,parties etc.We go an extra mile by doing a pre-security plan so that your event can be approved by Joc.Our security specialists have been doing this for years.

Radio Hire:Our radios do not require a license and we can hire you for your events,weddings,hiking tours,church services,bush rides etc to ease up your communications.

Technical:Because we are a one door shop store for all your security requirements we have to keep all your systems in shape.We do maintainance plans for your security equipment to keep them running at a reasonable costs.This is cheaper than calling a technician for call outs.

  • Security Guards
  • Event Security
  • Stadium Manpower
  • Two way radio hire
  • Technical -Maintainance plan:
  • Cctv
  • Biometrics
  • Alarms

Our technical dept is very professional and have worked with different types of alarm systems,gate motors and installed security systems all around Gauteng.